•  Award Categories  

  • Achievement Category

The Achievement category relates to all translations made by the translator or the institution, without a time limit, and is awarded for a group of translations that have made an outstanding contribution over a long period of time.


Supported languages

  • Translation from Arabic to French
  • Translation from French to Arabic
  • Translation from Arabic to English
  • Translation from English to Arabic
  • Translation from Arabic to Balochi
  • Translation from Balochi to Arabic
  • Translation from Arabic to Tatar
  • Translation from Tatar to Arabic
  • Translation from Arabic to Hungarian
  • Translation from Hungarian to Arabic
  • Translation from Arabic to Yoruba
  • Translation from Yoruba to Arabic

The prizes for each branch ($100,000):


Candidacy and nomination conditions

  • The start date for candidacy and candidacy is announced on February 15 of each year.
  • The nomination and nomination of translations is currently limited to the field of humanities and social sciences.
  • Nominations are made through institutions (publishing houses, research centers, institutes, university departments, etc.), or through individual candidacy.
  • Candidacy and nomination must be for people who are alive when the results are announced.
  • The work of the candidate/candidate, an individual or an institution, must not contain racist or offensive opinions.
  • Translations must be published and have an ISBN.
  • There is no time limit on the publication date of translations.
  • The Award Steering Committee has the right to nominate translators or translated works that were not nominated.
  • The Steering Committee of the Award has the right to benefit from the winning works and the winners in the fields of introducing and promoting the award.
  • The winner of any of the Sheikh Hamad Awards for Translation and International Understanding is not entitled to run again for any of its categories before the lapse of five years.

* The jurisdiction of the courts in the State of Qatar exclusively, and the Arabic text of the basic award system shall be adopted in case of dispute.