About Sh. Hamad Translation Award

Sh. Hamad Translation Award

Sheikh Hamad Award for Translation and International Understanding was founded in Doha, Qatar (2015). It is an international prize run by a board of trustees, a steering committee and independent panels of judges.


The Award seeks to honour translators and acknowledge their role in strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation amongst peoples and nations of the world. It hopes to reward merit and excellence, encourage creativity, uphold the highest moral and ethical standards, and spread the values of diversity, pluralism and openness. The Award also aspires to inculcate a culture of knowledge and dialogue, promote Arab and Islamic culture, develop international understanding, and encourage mature crosscultural interaction between Arabic and other world languages through the medium of translation.


  • To honor translators and acknowledge their role in building bridges between nations and peoples of the world
  • To encourage individuals, publishing houses, Arab and international organizations and institutions to show more interest in creative and quality translations from/into Arabic
  • To contribute to improving the quality of translation from/into Arabic based on excellence, accuracy and cognitive and intellectual value
  • To enrich the Arab culture with significant works of world literature, art and science, and to equally enrich the world cultural heritage with translations of creative Arab and Islamic cultural products
  • To acknowledge contributions made by any individual or institution to spreading the culture of peace and international understanding


The Board of Trustees

  • The Board of Trustees is made up of 5 to 10 members, selected from different nationalities for a renewable period of two years.
  • The Board of Trustees offers advice and consultation, takes part in selecting the foreign language for prizes 3 and 4 (Arabic translations from/into another language other than English), and participates in assessing the overall administrative and intellectual performance of the award.

Members of the Board of Trustees

Hasan Ni`meh
Halit Eren
Mahmoud Tarchounah
Xue Qing Guo (Bassām)
Yun Eun Kyeong (Nabila)
Michael Cooperson
Fatima Parchekani
Shokry Megahed
Akeel Almarai
Head of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee supervises the administration of the prize and guarantees the transparency and complete separation between the management of the award and the processes of selecting, judging and awarding the prizes. No member of the Board of Trustees, panels of judges or Steering Committee can be nominated for the prize.

The Panels of Judges

Prizes are awarded upon the recommendations of independent panels of judges, selected by the prize Steering Committee in consultation with the Board of Trustees. Members of each panel may vary according to need and committees may resort to individual judges with different specializations to adjudicate translations in their respective fields.

Award Value

The total value of the award is two million (US$2,000,000) US Dollars, divided into three categories: Translation Prizes (US$800,000), Achievement Prizes (US$1,000,000), and prize for International Understanding (US$200,000). 


Award Categories

The First Category: Translation Prizes, subdivided into the following:

- Translation from Arabic into English

- Translation from English into Arabic

- Translation from Arabic into a language other than English

- Translation from a language other than English into Arabic

The winner of the first prize in this category is awarded (100.000 $US), the second (60.000 $US) and the third (40.000 $US).

The second Category: Achievement Prizes in the two main languages: (200.000 $US), awarded to individual(s) and/or institution(s) with substantive contribution to translation and international understanding.

The Third Category: Achievement Prizes: (1.000.000 $US), Awarded to translations from Arabic into languages selected annually and from these languages into Arabic.